Qatar is paving the way for Lucrative Real Estate Investment Opportunities

The Qatar Real Estate market is one of the fastest growing sectors with it’s unique investment opportunities. The new laws and legislation, which encourage local and foreign investment in this ever growing economy have strengthened Qatar as a leading player in the Real Estate market. The real estate sector has been ranked second after the oil and gas sector in Qatar.

FIFA World Cup 2022TM and the Qatar National Vision 2030 has given a real boost to the economy infrastructure and many massive real estate development projects are being completed at an accelerated pace. Adding to this, is the recent extension to Law No. 16 2018, which allows foreigners (non-Qataris) to own Real Estate properties in more areas by increasing the number of freehold and leasehold zones in Qatar. Some of these factors are driving the growth of the real estate sector in the country creating buying and owning of real estate a lucrative and viable option for property owners and investors in Qatar.

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