Doha British School Celebrates International Day 2023

International Day is the most highly anticipated event of our school calendar. A day when the whole school community comes together to celebrate our vibrant and diverse community. Throughout the day, children are given the opportunity to showcase their national dresses, watch performances from around the world, eat a variety of different dishes and learn about each other’s cultures.

Our primary and secondary children also participated in an exceptional parade, hosted by our Primary Head Boy and Head Girl. All children sang ‘We are the Dreamers’, which was a fitting choice of song as it links to the hugely successful FIFA 2022 World Cup held in Qatar. This year was the first time in three years that we invited our parents in to watch the parade and celebrate their countries through their cultural stalls. Cultural stalls from Qatar, the United Kingdom, China, South Africa, Indonesia, Palestine, Jordan, Ireland, Romania, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Egypt and Bangladesh provided us with the opportunity to learn about different countries and try national dishes. Our parents were amazing and we thank them all for their outstanding support.

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